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Time for change

Therapy gives you the opportunity to do things differently. It provides the space and support needed in to make the changes that you really desire. Often people think counselling is all about looking back at the past. While that is of course part of the process the overall goal is to make active positive changes in your life.

Know your worth

Are you tired of lacking self confidence? Exhausted from feeling low and full of self doubt? Therapy can make a real difference to the way you view and feel about yourself. It offers the chance to help you to believe in who you are. To know what you are worth and value all that makes you truly ‘you’. Once you find that clarity you wont stop moving forward.

Let go of the past

So often we are consumed with the struggles of the past. Depression, addiction, dysfunctional relationships – the list is endless. But what would it be like to truly let go? To process the pain and then slowly work through it. How would it feel to work past the darkness and to step into something more clear and light? Try therapy. Take that first step. You will be surprised at the difference it can really make.

Your Counselling Service

Therapy gives you the chance to take better care of yourself. It offers you the space to make changes. It is an empowering journey. One that provides you with the skills and tools that you need in order to live a happier, calmer and more content life. It gives you the chance to change destructive patterns and to make positive choices for yourself. Your therapist will walk alongside you, they will support and encourage you, they will really hear you, process with you and challenge you when they need too. You have taken the biggest step by clicking on our site – you are ready. And we are here to help.

The Help Counselling Gives

Counselling can really help people when they are having a difficult time, and need some support. It offers a confidential and safe space without judgement, with someone that will attentively listen and be there for you. It gives you the chance to take care of yourself and work openly through what you are feeling. It also enables you to look at what is really going on for you and can help to make sense of where they are. It can also help to challenge and change unhelpful patterns and behaviours, while enabling you to gain a deeper sense of who you are and from more intimate and fulfilling relationships.

a young woman sits opposite a counsellor and chats happily . They are sitting on armchairs in the counsellor’s office . The young woman is smiling as she listens to the advice.

Book an initial consultation

Making the decision to start counselling is both daunting and frightening. People often feel nervous and don’t know what to expect. To give you an idea, we would book an assessment as an initial chance for us to meet and talk. This would last an hour, and it is an opportunity to ask questions and to get to know you more. You can also ask about anything that you are unsure about. If you feel comfortable and are happy to go ahead, then we would book you in for weekly therapy. Each week would be different depending on where you are at, and what you are coming for. We can discuss all of your needs in the assessment and put a treatment plan in place. We have a great team and we are here to help.

Help is at hand – if you would like to talk to someone in confidence please get in touch.