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Coping with Anxiety.

Anxiety is something that people find very difficult to describe or explain.  But it can have a massive impact on someone’s well being and day to day life.  Often people can feel over whelmed with the amount of things that… Read More »Coping with Anxiety.


Stress is something that all of us have to live with, and a certain level of stress, is necessary and needed in order for us all to function.  On a daily basis we have certain things that we need to… Read More »Stress.

Dealing with Loss.

Loss is something that everyone struggles with at some point in their lives. Often the word ‘loss’ applies to death/ dying.  Bereavement is of course a major loss, and the death of someone close can be incredibly painful.  It can leave… Read More »Dealing with Loss.


Change can be very difficult for a lot of people.  It can happen in all areas and aspects of people’s lives and it can often be really hard for people to deal with. Whatever the change is, it can raise levels… Read More »Change.

Emotional eating.

If you have clicked on this blog then the chances are that you (or someone close to you) is struggling with emotional eating. Emotional eating is something that a lot of people struggle with.  Often it is overlooked as a… Read More »Emotional eating.

The cost of therapy.

Money can often be a barrier for people when it comes to therapy. In this current economic climate therapy can sometimes be seen as an expensive luxury.  The question I guess, is ‘can you put a price on your emotional… Read More »The cost of therapy.


Breaks in therapy can be very difficult for clients to manage.  The consistency of therapy (eg// regular weekly appointments on the same day / same time each week) are what is known as the ‘therapeutic frame’.  This frame provides regularity… Read More »Breaks.


Trust is the ability to rely on someone and to feel confident in them.  This means understanding and knowing that they will be there for you, and that you can depend on them to take care of you, and your… Read More »Trust.