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Eating Disorders

At your counselling service one of the main areas we specialise in is Eating Disorders.

Two of our girls have recently recovered and very kindly volunteered to share their recovery experience.  Please take a moment to watch these amazing recovery journeys. We are so proud of Jade and Lucy.

Many clients come to us after years of battling with an eating disorder.  They are often very lost and consumed with their illness.  We work hard to help them to recover.

Often clients have been in inpatient treatment before they come to us.  We work on an outpatient basis. This means clients may come once, twice or three times a week to see us, but then they go back home again.  We encourage people to have a life outside of their illness and we work hard to help them to do this.

Our approach to eating disorders is as follows –

  • Starting the recovery process is the biggest step forward
  • Separate the ED voice from the healthy voice
  • Learn to respect and value yourself
  • Everything in moderation
  • Trust the process of recovery
  • Self soothing and respect is key
  • Food diaries and mood diaries can be very helpful
  • Everyone is individual with their own recovery plan
  • Emotional and physical health is so important
  • Change can happen and it can be positive
  • Fear can be overcome
  • Support network is important (and our service becomes a major part of this)
  • Feeling less alone and isolated aids recovery
  • Self worth and esteem can develop through therapy
  • You are never alone
  • Recovery takes time, strength and determination
  • We are here to help whenever you feel you cant do it

Our director Hayley Maddox is very experienced in this field.  She has worked as a therapist , supervisor and manager in many different settings with eating disorders.  She is experienced working with groups and individuals.

The rest of the team at your counselling service are also experienced in this area and work hard to help people recover from this illness.

Eating disorders can be beaten.